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This Week

This has been a busy week. Starting to get this site up and running, so there should be lots of things getting added and tweaked over the next couple of weeks or so.

Here on the blog, I’m hoping to keep people updated on what I’ve been doing, and to answer any questions about all things audio and drumming, so feel free to ask away!

Over the weekend I engineered a 2 day award show. As all award shows are, it was busy, busy busy, but I got to engineer a few artists for the first time, including Nino, an african opera singer, MOBO nominee gospel singer Sandra Godley (who I hadn’t met for about 17 years) , and x factor boot camp contestant Ten Senah (the one who got told off for turning up to the audition drunk if you’ve been watching this year), those three could really sing!!!, plus loads of others.

The “Totally Set Free” album is in edit, edit, edit mode at the moment. Still a few overdubs to do swell, but coming along very nicely!

Still not tried out my new Eventide reverb, but looking forward to trying it on something very soon.

In the world of drums, after months of multiple rack toms, I went back into the more relaxed mode of a left hand tom, which always has the added advantage of being a music stand! Definitely my preferred set up!

Well, that’s it. Hopefully the site will have a lot of updates during the week