Location Recording

I first became active in live or location recording in 2003. Over the years I have overseen many projects such as award shows, comedy shows, orchestral recordings, choirs, through to full scale live album projects. I have also been active in recording audio for broadcast having been the sound supervisor for a daily satellite broadcast since 2007.

Wether you are a band wanting to record somewhere to save on studio costs, or a choral society or a school doing a concert which needs to be archived or captured for sale, a band or artist wanting to record your live gig to make a demo, or an album for release, I’m sure I can find a recording solution to suit your needs.

I can easily cater for any project up to 48 channels with an Allen & Heath system and Dante connection running a full main and back up recording. Prices do vary dependant on the time and equipment involved, but please do feel free to contact me here to discuss your project or requirements.